Urgent Airfreight Shipments

Urgent airfreight shipments to any destination. 

Urgent airfreight shipments to any destination.
Export to international destinations.

Imports delivered anywhere within Spain.
Dangerous Goods, Human Remains, Live Animals

Don´t pay baggage excess, schedule your shipments. Thus, using the services of urgent airfreight shipments with Garena Cargo, you will get the type of service you need, since we only trust in first line air carriers.  You can get advice from our highly prepared staff. Whether it is an international or a national airfreight transport service, we can provide the service you need.

Do you know the volume of your cargo for your urgent airfreight transportation in cubic metres?
Use our Volume Calculator to find out!

Do you need more information? If you have any doubts, contact us by phone on  +34918021686 or write us with the measurements of your cargo and we will send you a quotation. We will be glad to help!!

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